This Skincare Product Will Solve All Your Problems

This Skincare Product Will Solve All Your Problems

Wanna know what the best skincare product is for wrinkles, dull skin, acne, dry skin, dark spots, and enlarged pores?

No way can a skincare product actually do all those things. It sounds too good to be true, right? But I swear such a product exists. Okay, I'll tell you what it is. The skincare product that will solve all your problems is the:

Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel by Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

best skincare treatment for anti-aging dry skin

Yep. These peel pads are the jam, the bees', the shit. Do you understand me? I've been using them for the past six months and truly may never stop.

So what the heck are these universal daily peel pads from the dermatology wizard Dr. Gross? They're individually packaged disposable pads with two steps that you use every day (or every other day).

How the Dr. Gross Peel Pads Work

Step 1 is called "Exfoliate & Smooth," and the pad is saturated with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, malic acid, and lactic acid. That's a lot of acids! This made me a bit nervous at first, but that's because I didn't understand the facial magic I was about to experience. After washing your face—I still use organic olive oil—you take the Step 1 pad and gently rub it all over your face and neck in little circles until the pad is completely dry. (This usually takes a minute or two.)

Step 2 is called "Anti-Aging Neutralizer," and the pad is saturated with retinol, ascorbic acid, resveratrol, and some plant extracts. After using the Step 1 pad, you wait two minutes and repeat the same thing with the Step 2 pad. I usually brush my teeth during the two-minute wait because our quip toothbrushes go for two minutes.

The Hype Around the Alpha Beta Peel Pads

How did I get started with using these dreamy pads? Well, I kept hearing from beauty bloggers and Instagrammers that the Dr. Gross Universal Daily Peel pads were the holy grail of all things daily skincare and perfect complexions. But after searching the internet, I realized they are a bit spendy. Like, spendy enough that I wouldn't have gone out to buy them for myself. That is, until I tried them and discovered how insane they are for effectively fixing all skin problems. 

I had the mini size with five treatments on my Sephora wishlist—you know, just in case—and my super smart husband (who was my fiancé at the time) bought me my wishlist for Valentine's Day this year. Bless his sweet, sweet heart.

What Happened When I Tried the Peel Pads for the First Time

I brought the pack with me on my trip to LA for Create & Cultivate and tried them out in the hotel room the night before the conference. Our wedding was a month away, and it was risky to try a new skincare product so close to the big day, but I did it anyway, and have no regrets!

About halfway through Step 2, I knew I'd found the answer. You see, the main issue I'd been having with my complexion was a patch of dry skin on my lower forehead and between my eyebrows. For some reason, my usual beauty routine wasn't cutting it, and I was concerned about dry skin for my wedding makeup.

The next day, I put on a full face for Create & Cultivate. My heavy makeup looked good and smooth all day, even where I highlighted on my lower forehead! I knew using the daily peel would get me the dewy, glowing, all-day glam look needed for my nuptials.

best skincare product for dry skin and wrinkles

Why the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads Are My New Religion

Before trying the Dr. Gross peel pads, I was not super keen on salicylic acid products or peels mostly because they sound harsh and scary, but also because I associated acidic stuff with drying your skin out, sorta like Proactive.

The other thing is that all these acids sounded intense and chemically, but guess what? Salicylic acid is actually a naturally occurring ingredient that's derived from willow bark. Glycolic acid is also a natural thing that's made from cane sugar, malic acid is derived from fruit, and lactic acid is an organic compound produced from fermented bacteria (kinda like kombucha). Do you see where I'm going with this?

Dr. Gross' Theory About Doing a Facial Peel Every Day

One of the things I appreciate most about the peel pads is Dr. Gross' theory on doing a facial peel every single day. That seems like a lot for a peel, right? But he believes that doing a gentle facial peel every single day can actually produce really great results without damaging your skin.

He says that if you had an event coming up, you wouldn't just work out super hard for one day and expect to be fit. No, you wouldn't do that because it takes more than one day to get in shape, and also you'd probably injure yourself. The same goes for skincare treatments and facial peels. If you do a little bit gently every single day, you'll see better results than doing a super harsh treatment just one day that may "injure" your skin. 

I've listened to a few Podcasts that had Dr. Gross on as a guest. He's a real dermatologist with a practice on 5th Avenue in NYC. The Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel is a treatment he's been doing on his patients in-office for a long time. Finally (thankfully) someone was like, "You gotta sell this to the public because it's so good."

These peel pads are so freaking awesome and not too intense for sensitive skin. They correct dry skin, oily skin, acne, fine lines, and scarring. Also, my husband uses them for razor burn and was convinced of their powers after a single use. So don't be shy, dudes!

The caveat is that they are expensive, and that totally sucks! 

Here's where you can get them and how much each daily treatment costs depending on the pack you get:

Amazon – $88.00 for a 30-pack of the Universal Daily Peel ($2.93 per day)

Amazon – $75.50 for a 30-pack of the Ultra Gentle Daily Peel ($2.52 per day)

Sephora – $88.00 for a 35-pack of the Universal Daily Peel ($2.51 per day)

Sephora – $88 for a 35-pack of the Extra Strength Daily Peel ($2.51 per day)

That's a lot! I know. But here's my hack: I get the 35-pack of the Extra Strength pads from Sephora because Sephora is the only place that gives you the five bonus treatments. Since the Extra Strength Daily Peel has the same ingredients just with extra saturated pads, I cut them in half! Seriously, I keep a pair of scissors in the box of peel pads, and I cut the little squares in half so they last twice as long. Then I store the extra half in a mini Ziplock bag until the next day. This makes each daily treatment about $1.25. (Sometimes I will use them every other day, but every day gives me the best skin.)

I realize this is still over $30 per month for a skincare product, but at this point, I am okay with spending that much on the pads because they are seriously that good.

If you're curious, I suggest picking up a mini pack with 5 treatments from Sephora. They are $17.00, and you will be hooked. Like, really. I want everyone in my life to try them.