An Honest Ritual Vitamins Review: Why I Spend $30 a Month on a Vitamin Subscription

A Review of Ritual Vitamins & Why I Signed Up in the First Place

A few months ago, I read this blog post called "Are Cool Girl Vitamins a Thing? They Are Now, Thanks to This New Brand". And of course, I was instantly like:

Vitamins? For cool girls? That's me!

Why Ritual Vitamins Stand Out in the Supplement World

So are Ritual vitamins worth $30 a month? Here's my review. 

Ritual is this sexy new vitamin company that was founded by a woman who was unhappy with the supplement options available to her during her pregnancy. She decided to create some dope vitamins for women that are straightforward and have a lot of swag. They boast better ingredients, anti-aging magic, and no bullshit. 

I realize there's an ongoing debate on whether or not vitamins can really provide any notable results, but Ritual claims that their product is made for skeptics, by skeptics, which made me go, "Hmmmmmmmm."

But You Should Definitely Get Down on a Ritual Vitamins Promo Code

The thing is, I've always liked taking vitamins. I don't really care if they're a placebo that mostly gets peed out or a fountain of youth miracle. I've just always liked the ritual, now that I think about it. (Oh my god, I swear I don't work for them, but I you can get 20% off if you order through this link and use my code: theresa20.)

I like routines. They make me feel safe. I have a notification on my phone that reminds me to take my birth control, allergy pill, and vitamin every morning. I feel off when I don't do it, and I feel like I have my shit together when I do it at the same exact time for 10 or more days in a row.

Ritual Vitamins Ingredients & Packaging

I like the packaging they use. It's yellow, bright, and cheery. I like their website. I like that the vitamins look like little snow globes and that they explain where the ingredients in Ritual vitamins are sourced and why they're separated into tiny little beads (better absorption). I like that they're intended for women and use specific amounts of vitamins and minerals that a feminist's diet typically lacks.

(Okay, I made up the feminist part.)

Whatever, I just like them! 

They may be a dollar a day, but I'm keen on the whole daily vitamin thing. Sometimes I'm okay with being tricked by pretty marketing, alright? Take a chill pill! (Or a vitamin.)