Why I Wash My Face with Organic Olive Oil

I Use Organic Olive Oil for Face Wash

I really like using oils to moisturize and wash my face. A lot of people think oil will make their face break out. It won't. That information is outdated. 

(Well, it might. I've heard some people say coconut oil is a big no-no for faces. I haven't had that problem, though, and I've used it as both a cleanser and moisturizer.)

For me, oil nourishes, cleanses, and refreshes my skin. Also, they say if you apply good-quality beauty oils to your skin, it will respond by producing less of the bad kind of oil. (Or something like that.)

I was using DHC Deep Cleansing Oil for a while. It was fine. It has pretty good Amazon reviews.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Organic Olive Oil for Face Wash

But then after I got my Retin-A prescription, I went totally apeshit with YouYube videos of the different nighttime routines people were doing with it. In this deep, dark YouTube hole, I found this gal's video and adopted a few of her tips. 

can you use olive oil as a face cleanser

She uses organic olive oil to wash her face every night. 


That's what I was thinking! Olive oil for my face? Like the kind I just dunked my baguette in?


Using Olive Oil to Remove Makeup

I've been using it for 6 months now, and organic olive oil has actually been really great for my skin. My favorite thing about using oil as facewash is that you can rub it directly onto your eyes without it stinging. I just put about a teaspoon of oil into my dry hands and start rubbing it directly onto my face. And my makeup just melts right off

Plus, when I run out, I just pop over to the kitchen and drizzle a few more tablespoons into the little bottle I keep in my medicine cabinet! I've been using Zoe Organic Olive Oil, which is the best kind, in my opinion. Joe and I recently ordered a 2-pack from Amazon. We go through a ton of it with our Sun Basket dinners. 

Why organic? Well, I try to eat organic food as much as possible 'cause blah, blah, blah, pesticides n' stuff, and I figure I should try to put clean ingredients onto my skin as well. Also, the pale color and runny consistency of non-organic olive oil kinda creeps me out. 

After washing my face with olive oil, I will apply The Frosting Lotion which is an organic face cream that I will likely endorse until the day I die. 

So grease up, guys! Using organic olive oil on your face is where it's at. 

organic olive oil for face wash