Apeshit for Apps

I'm addicted to my phone. Aren't you?

My phone helps me do a lot of things. It helps me do my job, and be accountable, and learn about current events. Elon Musk believes that we're already cyborgs since we rely on a device to remember things like phone numbers and important dates. He makes a good point.

I'm addicted, yes. But for now, I'm going to embrace it. 

Here are my favorite apps as well as the ones I'm completely reliant on.

For Fitness

Health: Depending on the weather, I sometimes like to use the undelete-able little pink heart app to track my steps when I need to walk some ice cream off

ClassPass: You've heard me talk about ClassPass before, and that's because it's actually the best thing. You buy a package of 3, 5, or 10 workout classes per month, and then you can choose from different boutique fitness studios and hop around between your favorites. So you can try out barre, spin, yoga, or bootcamp classes without the commitment. Dope, huh? It's great for travel too because you can get on the app and figure out what studios are near you. You can also get $30 off your first month through this link

Sun Basket: As you prolly know, Sun Basket has really spiced up Joe's and my life. They send organic produce, high-quality meat, and some drool-worthy recipes that help me stay on track on days where I ate a donut for breakfast and truffle fries for lunch. Nobody's perfect! You can get $40 off your first week through this link

For Work + Blogging

Notes: This is where all my half ideas and little musings live. I really don't trust my brain to remember anything anymore. 

Reminders: Ugh, I set way too many reminders for myself each day. I have reminders that tell me to stretch, take my vitamins, call my mom, buy movie tickets....you name it! It's so annoying. But it helps me keep my shit together. 

Calendar: Obviously. The calendar app helps me stay on top of my game and also allows me to passively let Joe know when we have a party to go to. 

best calendaring apps for iphone

VSCO: I'm all about that HB2 filter, guys. It's helped me step my Instagram game wayyyyyy up. 

Darkroom: I use Darkroom in conjunction with VSCO. It lets you remove certain colors in photos and accentuate others. I always bring out the greens and remove the blues, purples, etc. 

Bank of America: Joe and try to save at least a few dollars every day for our wedding and future house and the app let's us do this super easily. Also, sometimes I like to be all Scroog-y and check to see how much money I have (or don't have) throughout the day. 

Venmo: I love Venmo because it has almost completely dissolved roommate money problems and monetary flakiness. 

For Fun

PackPoint Travel Packing List: I mean, packing is really not fun, but traveling is. This app helps me remember to pack every little thing, down to the last tampon. 

Podcasts: Listening to Podcasts allows me to learn new things hands- and eyes-free. I'll dive into my favorites in a future blog post. 

Netflix: I don't think I really need to explain to you why I like Netflix, but I will tell you that I forced The OA down Joe's throat recently and we're both feeling pretty okay about it. Netflix is a great app for people who like to say, "I don't watch TV!" but actually binge on streamed television all the time because they don't know or don't want to admit that it's actually the same thing. 

Lyft: Because the future totally rulez and Uber totally sux

FaceTune 2: I know ya'll are probably keen on FaceTune, but what chu know 'bout FaceTune 2? It's like 10 bucks a year, but totally worth it. I use it to whiten my eyes, teeth, and Instagram backgrounds, and I also use it to make it look like I have borderline suspiciously clear skin without going too overboard with the smoothing tool. It's a fine line, people. 

Animal Face: Because, well.....

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Twitter: I use Twitter mostly for news and to see what my favorite comedians are tweeting about. 

Apple Music: Because I gotta get my toe tappin' and figure out some classy shit to put on our wedding playlist. 

best iphone apps for health and fitness

The New York Times: A few weeks ago, I was on a #metoo article binge and kept running out of articles for the New York Times and The New Yorker. (They only let you read 4 per month before they make you cough up some dough.) My future mother-in-law got me a year's subscription for Christmas and let's just say I'm one well-informed feminist!

Instagram: Duh.

Facebook: I heard Facebook is for old people now?

What are your favorite apps? Are there any you swear by for fitness, fun, or productivity? Holla at me below!

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