#firstfilmsclub: Why We Watch a New Movie Every Week

The last time I smoked pot, I invented something. 

Relax, it's recreationally legal in Oregon and I don't even enjoy it. (I prefer CBD because it helps me chill out without getting high in the head.)

Anyway, the last time I got pot-high was in December. It was a Saturday evening and Joe and I were home doing nothing. I took a couple hits and my mind started wandering like it normally does. (Normally, I don't like smoking marijuana because my brain will venture off to places I don't want it to. I'll start thinking about how I should be doing productive things and begin questioning all my life choices.)

But the last time I smoked pot, I started thinking about how much I like watching movies. I thought about how often I used to go to the movie theater and how much I missed it. I thought about how much I enjoy seeing movies with my partner, but how we never seemed to finish them or really pay attention. We did put on new movies every so often, but would rarely complete them, usually getting distracted by our phones or bedtime.

Then my psychedelically-induced thoughts went, "Well, why don't we? What's stopping us?" And #firstfilmsclub was born. 

In a fit of glassy-eyed giggles, I presented Joe with the idea of watching a new movie together each week, one that neither of us had seen. I told him that every weekend, we could pick a new movie and finish the entire thing. I thought it was brilliant!

He was skeptical at first and didn't match my enthusiasm. "Every week?" he said. "Yes," I replied. "It's only two hours out of our whole week. And it'll be fun!" He agreed, and we outlined some rules:

  1. The movie has to be new for both of us
  2. We alternate who gets to pick the movie each week
  3. The chooser can choose whether we watch at home or at the movies
  4. The movie can be from Netflix, on TV, a DVD, a documentary, a new movie, an old movie, etc., as long as neither of us has seen it
  5. No phones are allowed during the screening
  6. Whoever doesn't pick the movie of the week has to buy the candy (Lately, it's been Tootsie Pops because they're only 60 calories, last about 20 minutes, and are totally underrated)
  7. We have to finish the whole movie, even if it sucks

Also, I've been reviewing the movies each week on Instagram. It's like, my favorite thing ever. We've seen a lot of really great movies and some not-so-good ones. Also, I feel like since phones are banned and we finish the entire thing, we really watch the movies, you know? It's the perfect, simple date night. 

This is super nerdy, but I consider it somewhat of a pop culture education. I keep an index of unwatched movies on my phone that I pulled from online lists like the highest grossing movies of all time, best critics choice movies, the most popular movies of all time, etc. 

My former co-worker texted me a couple weeks ago and told me that she looked through my hashtag in order to find a new movie to watch. I was very pleased. 

Some of my favorites we've seen so far are:

  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  • Moonlight
  • It Follows
  • Baby Driver
  • The Big Sick

We usually watch at home on a Saturday or Sunday evening, but have been going to the movies more often too, which I obviously love. It's really nice to have an activity to do each week were we don't have our phones. It's our new little tradition that I invented, and it makes me really happy.

When I came up with the idea, it was only about a month after the election. I was still sad and looking for ways to distract myself. I wanted to build on the the best things in my life and start new traditions. It's really cheesy, but it's honestly been great. It's good, clean fun and who doesn't like movie night, right?