Why So Salty, Salt Lake?

Why So Salty, Salt Lake?

Last weekend, I visited a gal pal in Salt Lake City with one of my best friends, Kristen. This was a 'just because' trip. Neither of us had been to SLC before and we had never been on a plane together, so it seemed like a pretty good idea.

Isn't it funny when people say, "Have you been to such-and-such city?" and people go, "Just to the airport," as if that's worth mentioning? I mean yeah, geographically you've been there, but does that really count? Maybe if you stop by Paris on your way to Africa......I don't know. I haven't been very may places, so I shouldn't be so snobby. 

salt lake city trip

Anyway, this trip was really nice because:

  1. We didn't really have anything planned. 
  2. It was less than 48 hours so no one had to miss any work.
  3. The flights were cheap, direct, and really quick.
  4. I didn't feel like I needed to "recover" from the weekend because we didn't party hard or anything. You should have seen us convince ourselves that staying in to watch a movie on Saturday night was better than going out to a movie!
  5. These women know me, get me, and have similar temperaments. If one of us was quiet for 20 minutes, no one asked what was wrong. 
  6. My friend's townhouse is lovely and professionally decorated with shades of black, white, and grey. And if you caught my Instagram story last weekend, you saw how many skulls she had in her home. Some are seasonal, and some are there year-round. My kinda woman!
  7. Our politics align beautifully, so we had a handful of passionate discussions about the current administration, the #metoo conversation, women's rights, and consent. 

So what did we do there? Well, on Saturday we drove up to Park City, which is very pretty and very expensive. We had lunch at High West Distillery and did a little shopping. Also, there's a Banksy painting on Main Street. 

banksy park city main street

We watched the original Psycho on Friday, which I had never seen. It didn't qualify for a #firstfilmsclub review, though, because I fell asleep halfway through. On Saturday night, we watched Cabin in the Woods, which is one of my favorite horror comedies, and Hocus Pocus because duh. 

We ate really great food. I had too much Halloween candy. We laughed a lot. And we rested. 

On Sunday, we hiked up to Cecret Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The path was kinda icy, kinda muddy, kinda slushy, and a little snowy. Also, the air up there is super thin, so we were panting. But holy shit, what a sparkly view at the top! Here are some photos, no filter needed. 

cecret lake hike salt lake city
cecret lake little cottonwood canyon
little cottonwood canyon hike
salt lake city tourist
little cottonwood canyon salt lake
hike cecret lake october
best salt lake city hikes
cottonwood canyon hike salt lake

Lots of butt shots, I know, but as I mentioned before, I'm basically incapable of looking and smiling at a camera like a normal person. 

The funny thing is, this hike was just a mile round trip! It only looks like we climbed a mountain. 

Anyway, the trip was super fun and not exhausting at all like most weekend getaways. Next year, Joe and I might go back for the Oregon Ducks game and/or a Blazers game if it lines up! 

I haven't done a whole lot of traveling and have never been outside of North America. It's one of my insecurities. But it's also something I'm slowly trying to correct. Joe and I will go to Europe and even further someday, but we're currently saving for a wedding and a house, so exploring U.S. cities scratches the itch for now. 

downtown salt lake city skyline