So We Took Some Engagement Photos...

So We Took Some Engagement Photos...

A few weeks ago, my generous and talented brother-in-law was nice enough to take some engagement photos for me and my fiancé

Well, we're not the most photogenic pair and Joe is relatively camera shy (bless his sweet heart). When I say we're un-photogenic, I mean this in the sense that we are incapable of looking at a camera and smiling like normal humans. 

For these reasons, we needed to get creative with the photoshoot. That's why you'll see balloon props, masks, and donuts covering our faces. Nobody's perfect. 

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The night before the shoot, we went to the store to get some plain-colored mylar balloons since regular balloons would have likely deflated by the morning.

At first we couldn't find a balloon attendant (which isn't very weird since we were totally THAT guy coming in at 8:30pm on a Saturday evening to get balloons from the grocery store). We almost gave up and were just gonna settle for this smiley face one. But finally, a 17-year-old kid helped us out and we convinced him to dig around in his boxes to find us the plain green kind.

Anyway, I'm all about balloon props for photoshoots now. I wanna get a bundle of white ones for our wedding day. Or maybe a Big Love Ball....

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Also, our wedding colors are black, white, and palm green, so I wanted this shoot to foreshadow the theme a little bit. 

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Hopefully these photos didn't make you wanna puke. 

It's 2017, people. We don't have to have normal engagement photos. We don't need to sleep separately the night before our wedding. I'm not required to hide my wedding dress from my future husband. (I mean, we're having a destination you really think I'm gonna mess with the complicated logistics of shielding his eyes from my dress before the big day? Ha!) We don't have to do anything. And neither do you!

Wanna know more about how we're being untraditional for our wedding? Good! I'll be blogging about this later. 

I'm off to go check out the new Will & Grace 'cause I never met a TV revival I didn't like. Now go follow me on Instagram or something!