The Money Candle

Last year, Joe and I went to New Orleans with a handful of our friends for Halloween

It was a roaring good time. We rented a huge bungalow and explored the city with 12 of our favorite people. I wanna go back. Jazz is everywhere, the people are super friendly, the food is outrageous, and even the shittiest buildings are really cool.

Plus, my lifelong dream of eating unlimited oysters without considering the price finally came to fruition. 

New Orleans is also known for its abundance of thrift stores and other weird little shops in the French Quarter. On All Hallows Eve (or perhaps the day before....All Hallows Eve-Eve?), we went shopping and wandered into the Hex: Old World Witchery shop.

Well, okay, actually when I saw there was a witch store, I bolted across the street and called to the rest of the gang to join me. 

The shop had spell kits, books, crystals, and spooky oils for sale, not unlike the store they trick Sarah into shoplifting from in The Craft. My sister got a voodoo doll, which she thought she might use on the GOP presidential candidate at the time, but figured we might not even need it.....

money candle witch spell

I saw a shelf of 7-day candles that each focused on a specific intention. One was for love, one was for healing, one was for luck, and there was even one for a clean house. (Tempting!) But I saw the 7-day money candle and knew it was the one for me. 

Why? Well, I like money, for one. (You do too, let's be real.) And also, I already have love and a relatively clean home. 

I told Joe I wanted it, and he was like, "Let's get it! It's like buying a lottery ticket." He made a good point. So we got the money candle and brought it home with us to Portland. 

Also, I dressed up as Steph Curry in full drag for Halloween while we were down there. It was my best costume yet. 

steph curry halloween costume

A few days after lighting the candle, we started to experience some financial luck including the following:

  1. Joe got a new job with a significant raise
  2. I got some unexpected freelance writing work 
  3. Joe won big playing poker 
  4. I got a new job
  5. H&M shipped our Black Friday clothes a couple days late and refunded us for half the order
  6. I found cash in my clothes
  7. We both had unclaimed property in the form of unpaid wages from previous jobs

So all in all, we were pretty stoked about the results of the candle's magic. 

Then 6 months or so later, my brother-in-law went back to New Orleans on a work trip and brought back another money candle for us as well as one for him and my sister.

We took the new candle home with us and lit it immediately.

The next day, I got 2 checks in the mail from Bank of America refunding me for some mysterious fees that were apparently their mistake. While burning through the second candle, I also made some affiliate money on my blog and got more freelance writing work. 

Joe thought maybe we should try our luck and buy a lottery ticket, but I feel like in all witch shows or movies, trouble ensues when they get too greedy. So I try to just light the candle consistently (never unattended, of course), sit back, and play the waiting game. 

Smart homes allow people to turn off lights and outlets from their phones now. This is great for doofuses like me who live in fear of leaving their hair straighter on, but I wish you could blow out candles remotely too. Someday, maybe!

I don't like, actually believe in this stuff, but the money candles have worked too well to not keep lighting them and getting new ones.

Recently, I ordered another one from the Hex shop's website and am currently waiting to receive it in the mail to give the whole thing another go. The money candle works in mysterious ways. Also, I'm kinda of the belief that if you're one of three sisters, you're automatically a witch

Plus I just like candles, okay? And anyway, they say witches feel most like themselves in the Fall

seance flat lay witches money spell