Snickerdoodles? For BREAKFAST?! | The Best Snickerdoodle Smoothie Recipe

No, really.

Well, okay….snickerdoodle smoothies for breakfast.

And not like, a snickerdoodle cookie blended up with some half n’ half. More like a hunger-diminishing, cravings-quencher, totally guilt-free breakfast smoothie based on Kelly Leveque’s #FabFour food approach.

Let me explain:

Like lots of other health-conscious women, I recently read Kelly Leveque’s book, Body Love. She recommends trying to get a solid amount of protein, fat (the healthy omega-3 kind, duh), fiber, and greens in every meal. Apparently, this turns off your hunger hormones and regulates your blood sugar.


She also suggests eating less fruit, less sugar, and less dairy overall. However, the parallel message is to not be a complete crazy person about it. Like, live a little, you know?

I am completely obsessed with her method and after reading her book, I frantically searched for any Podcast in which she was interviewed to listen to during my morning walks and drives to work. 

She’s a celebrity nutritionist for some fancy ladies, including my idol, Chelsea Handler. If Chelsea can get famous for dry, can't-tell-if-she's-kidding-or-being-a-bitch feminist humor, there's hope for me too, right? But the point here is that Chelsea is my Beyoncé, so I'll have what she's having. 

Anyway. To me, Kelly’s method just makes so much sense! I always knew deep down that spinach was the answer to all my problems. I also knew that although dairy tastes like ignorant bliss, it can make me feel like a crackhead (especially that aged black gouda from The Cheese Bar in Portland, god!) and it's not helping me reach any health goals.

So about that snickerdoodle smoothie. The ingredients (which I altered slightly from her book to suit my preference) are:

  • vanilla pea protein powder (protein, duh)
  • ground flax meal (fiber)
  • raw cashew butter (fat)
  • vanilla extract
  • organic liquid stevia
  • unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • cinnamon

And, okay, there aren’t any greens in this particular smoothie recipe. But Kelly says that the “greens” part of the Fab Four formula is just kind of a beauty bonus. She talks about how there are totally great phytonutrients, fiber, and vitamins in leafy greens, but you don’t have to put them in every single smoothie. I mean, she’s not a monster.

So if I have a snickerdoodle smoothie for breakfast, I’ll usually have a kale salad with chicken and a nice, fatty dressing for lunch, and some other well-rounded dish for dinner. I’m still eating carbs once or twice a day, but am trying to stick to a sweet potato or some brown rice or something with actual nutritional value.

On other days, I’ll have a simple green smoothie or a green matcha smoothie, ‘cause my matcha powder finally arrived in the mail from Amazon and I’m feeling extra holistic and fancy.

Get the idea?

A bunch of Kelly's smoothie recipes are available on her website, plus more in the book. I've pretty much taken the ones I like, twisted them around a little, and whipped up some of my own super hearty dairy-free smoothie concoctions. 

I feel skinnier and also pleased that I can eat basically as much almond butter and coconut oil as I want. Our wedding isn’t for another 8 months, but I need to take my measurements soon and we’ll also be doing our awkward engagement photo shoot sometime before summer ends.

So unfortunately, it’s time to slim down and stop binging on red vines and brown butter ice cream while watching The Bachelorette, you know?

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