We Met on Tinder, Big Whoop

My fiancé and I met on our phones. On Tinder. 

Who cares?

It's not a particularly cute story, but we have plenty of cute stories. For the best power couples, it doesn't really matter how they met, just that they met, AMIRIGHT?

So why do I care to share this not-really-noteworthy story? 

Because I want to encourage people to get out there! (And by out there, I mean onto their phones, flippin' through some hotties!)

Sure, you could meet your soulmate out at a bar or bumping shopping carts at the supermarket, but let's be real: most eligible people aren't out at bars on a Friday night. They're at home. Watching Netflix. Looking at their phones. 

tinder success story

We're all busy! We're all just doing our best. Let's take advantage of the available technology and get over the outdated stigma. 

I was the first person Joe ever met on Tinder or on any online dating platform. (He was like my 17th, but all the so-so, mediocre, and downright awful first dates I had to plow through to get to him were 100% worth it.) 

And a little over a year later, he ended up proposing at Aalto Lounge where we had our first date. Swoon!

Committing to finding the right person can feel like a part-time job, and that's totally okay! If you want to lose weight, make money, build a website from scratch, or find your life partner, you gotta put in the work, dummy! 

Once we're married, I'll be proud to say that I met my husband on Tinder. We're not even really an anomoly anymore. 

Plus, I heard if you write to Tinder about your success story, they send you a bunch of swag. (I haven't done it yet, but would proudly sip from a Tinder water bottle or beer koozie.)

we met on tinder