What's Been Up with My Fitness Game

What's Been Up with My Fitness Game

As any dummy knows, staying fit provides a long list of lifestyle benefits. 

When you work out, you sleep better. When you sleep better, feel better. When you feel better, you look better. But you already look better because you've been working out and this makes you feel even better. And when you feel even better, you're more creative and energized. And when you're more creative and energized, you can work harder, keep a positive outlook, make more money, be a better friend/lover/partner/spouse/human, and continue being an overall badass. 

And while these benefits are all lovely, the main reasons I get my butt out of bed and head to a 6:00 AM workout class every morning are because:


If I go to a 6 o'clock workout class, I'll be home a little after 7:00 and will usually start working by 7:30 AM. This typically means I can finish up by 3:00 or so. In fact, if I don't get up and go to an early-morning fitness class, I will sleep in until like 7:45, make myself feel bad, and have an all-around shittier day.


When it comes down to it, I think I just like being told what to do for an hour each day. With everything else life throws at me, sometimes I find myself just jonesing for people to assign me things, tell me how my calendar should look, and instruct me on exactly what to do. 

I guess both reasons really pertain to being a working woman—one is about staying on schedule, and one is about finding peace when I'm overscheduled. The toned muscles and sweet ass are just a byproduct of the whole ordeal. 

Perhaps you saw some of my "Bride Bod" Instagram stories where I counted down the days until our wedding. Well, as you may have guessed, I am not being as strict with my workouts or nutrition as I was before our nuptials. I mean, I'm married now, so it's time to let it go! JK...JK. I'm still in my 20s and am gonna take full advantage of my young-ish body until I can't anymore. 

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Anyway, so I've still been consistently taking barre classes several times a week. In addition to that, I've been going on the elliptical a bit, messing with the fitness features on my Apple Watch, and avoiding taking walks outside. 

Why am I staying indoors?

Because allergy season has become the ruler of my life and I will do anything to avoid the threat of congestion, even if it means streaming a workout in my living room. The other reason is that upon returning from our honeymoon a few weeks ago, I developed a strange (and super painful) foot injury called Mortin's neuroma. I had to stay off it for a few days and still can't go on very long walks or do all the tip-toe exercises in barre class. I looooove walking for fitness, so it really bums me out to not be able to do this simple, wholesome, free activity.

Why am I giving the outdated elliptical machine the time of day? 

Since I'm quarantining myself, I want to make sure I'm still getting a little bit of cardio in. The classic Pure Barre classes involve just sculpting moves, so I like to find ways to get my heart pumping and break a sweat. Our apartment building has a gym, so I've been using the elliptical machine there. This has been okay on my foot since it's pretty low-impact. In the attempt to not get burnt out or discouraged, I usually start a cardio routine by going for only 10 or 12 minutes the first day and then adding 1 minute each day for a couple weeks. Lately, I've been listening to a strange, yet motivating, medley of Van Morrison and Cardi B.

Whaddup with the Apple Watch?

Joe got me an Apple Watch as a wedding present. I was kinda too busy to get it figured out for a little while, but now I'm realizing there are a lot of great features, especially regarding fitness. At first, I didn't realize that unlike the iPhone's Health app, you have to tell it when you're going for a walk or starting a workout so it can count your movement accordingly. Also, you can take hands-free calls through the watch's speakerphone while driving. Safety first!

As always, I try to stretch every single night before I go to bed and succeed at this task maybe 85% of the time. 

What does your spring fitness routine look like? Do you have an Apple Watch and want to do that thing with me where you share and compete with friends on the activity tracker? I don't know how to set this up, but get at me!

Happy Bill-Cosby-found-guilty-on-all-counts day! I'm watching Season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale to celebrate. 

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