How to Vote Your Conscience

How to Vote Your Conscience

This post was written by Theresa on her previous blog,, and was originally published on November 8th, 2016. 

It’s November 8th, and you can’t focus. You’re regretting not taking a vacation day, and think about the hangover you’re bound to have tomorrow. There’s the good kind of hangover: the kind where it was worth it, where you’re still buzzing from last night. And there’s the kind that’s full of regrets, full of “What happened?”

You finished watching Good Girls Revolt on Amazon Prime this week, and think about what Hillary was doing in 1969. She was starting law school and was told explicitly that she’d be taking the rightful place of a man. It was still legal to rape your wife in 1969, and women didn’t have access to contraception. You think about what Trump was doing in 1969.

You consider that modern sexism is sneaky. In the first feminist movement, plenty of people were outwardly expressing that women couldn’t do things or be things. But now, it’s damning to be so blatantly sexist, so people pretend like it’s something else. They pretend like they’re worried about her secretiveness, when we know more about her than any other candidate ever

They say she’s not energizing enough, but you’re buzzing. They say she’s the status quo, as if the status quo were a female POTUS. They say she’s not progressive enough, but what’s more progressive than a woman in charge after 227 years of men?  

They say she lies. But 3 lies out of 650,000 e-mails is an impressively low amount of lies. That’s 0.0004%, which can be rounded to zero percent lies. 

You lie sometimes too.

You’re with her.