How to Magically Break in New Shoes in 5 Minutes

How to Magically Break in New Shoes in 5 Minutes

Breaking Shoes In—Fast!

When I have a problem, I Google it.

The beautiful thing about 2017 is that someone else has probably already experienced your problem, figured out how to fix it, and slapped it up on the Internet. 

The Internet knows everything, thus I know everything. 

Google has taught me to expertly fix a derailed zipper, get red wine out of camel-colored pants, and break new leather pumps in five minutes

The pumps in questions are this tan, Calvin Klein kitten-heel pair that I wore for my sister's wedding last Fall. After we walked a few blocks around downtown Portland to take photos and stood still for 20 minutes during the ceremony, my feet were screaming at me. They wanted to die. 

Today, almost a year later, is my best friend's wedding. And unfortunately, these little Calvin Klein screamers are the only ones I own that match my dress. They have only been worn once to a wedding last year and were nowhere near broken in. 

This made me go, "There's gotta be a better way!"

So I Googled "How to Break in Shoes Quickly" and found out what to do. 

break in high heels fast

How to Break in New Shoes Fast

1. Put on thick socks and put the shoes on
2. Blow dry the areas of the shoes that are tight
3. Walk around your home for five to ten minutes

Magic! 💫

I will definitely be doing this before my wedding. I ordered some buttery leather pumps from Shoes of Prey, and have been suuuuuper impressed by the company. For wedding shoes, I want them broken in and comfortable, but I don't want them to look like they've been worn, you know? But when in doubt, I always make sure to have blister bandaids on hand. They've saved me from excruciating pain a handful of times. 

Well, I'm off to go blowdry my toes and head down to Bridesmaid Town. 

Update: The hack worked great and I danced all night! No need to be that girl who takes off her shoes at a wedding anymore! 

how to break in leather shoes fast